Our Success Stories

"To the married single and divorced women, I want you to know you are in good hands. Djenne seeks to understand and identify issues before providing solutions. Djenne's practical wisdom and ability to break things down will help you respond righteously through the healing and rebuilding process."
Meshia Q. Waleh, MD
Family Medicine
"Michael and Djenne were instrumental in guiding and supporting us in our marriage relationship by teaching us to build our foundation well. We have been married for almost ten years and blessed with two sets of twins."
Edwin & Meisha Waleh
"To every married, single, and divorced men on this website, I want to encourage you not to give up! To begin or to start over is not the end of the world; there is always hope. Take your time, sit down, and assess your relationship priorities, then talk with Michael Morris ASAP for a good game plan. Mike is an excellent advisor. He coached me and I know he will help walk you through each and every step of the way too."
Edwin Waleh