Save This Marriage

About Metallic Marriage

Noel Loban and Michael Morris founded Metallic Marriage in May 2020 to provide the online marriage counseling for men and to create meanigful programs that meet unmet relationship needs for men with marriages in jeapordy around the world. Both Michael & Noel felt too many relationships suffered because husbands did not have a clear step-by-step path to success and decided to build a world class training platform. Michael & Noel we have over 60 years experience in marriage and have been workking to help coach men to many areas of success.

Metallic Marriage Mission Statement

Our company is committed to designing innovative marriage-strengthening training programs that are highly effective worldwide.

Metallic Marriage Core Values

Our company core values:
We are a customer-oriented online marriage strengthening company that takes pride in our innovative, and ethical work. We are continuous learners that strive to use technology to help strengthen marriages worldwide and add value continuously.

Here are our seven core values:

  • We believe in a focus on the husbands (men) first in our training programs

  • Create effective training with noticeable impact and measure the results

  • We are continuous learners open to new ideas & technology

  • We build marriages through our thought leadership

  • We understand and value culture so we adapt our curriculum accordingly

  • We create innovative, authentic products in the most ethical ways, at all times

  • We create a fun & inclusive work environment where all employees are empowered and valued